Gwendoline Christie

Gwendoline Christie

Real Name – Gwendoline Tracey Philippa Christie

Date Of Birth –  October 28, 1978

Birthplace – Worthing, West Sussex

Net Worth  $4 million 

Standing tall in the realm of performing arts, Gwendoline Christie has etched her name in the annals of contemporary cinema and theatre. Born in Worthing, West Sussex, England on October 28, 1978, Christie embarked on a journey of artistic discovery, eventually finding her true calling in acting.

Christie’s career took off in a significant way when she portrayed the character of Brienne of Tarth in the globally popular television series “Game of Thrones”. The series aired from 2011 to 2019, during which her exceptional performance and commanding presence caught the eye of critics and viewers alike, cementing her status as a versatile actress.

She further showcased her acting prowess by taking on the role of Captain Phasma in the “Star Wars” franchise, the first film of which was released in 2015. This was another milestone in her career, as her performance added a new layer of depth to the Star Wars universe.

Away from the big screen, Gwendoline Christie has also made significant contributions to the world of theatre. She has appeared in various productions, further solidifying her place in the performing arts. With her dynamic range of roles and undeniable talent, Christie continues to captivate audiences and critics alike.

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